Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's Sunday...

Apple picking is one of the best family activities..Everyone should try it once..(granted you have to live in an area that grows them..).  Initially, having all those wonderful apples in the house is a joy..but now, 5 weeks later, I'm desperately trying to find ways to use up the last 5.
A few weeks back my wonderful MIL..( yup, she reads this!) shared an app with me called "Big Oven".
Big Oven is a fabulous, easy to use web site featuring thousands of homemade recipes..

So, I type the word "apple" in the search box...and hello...lots of good looking foods to make..

I made apple bread pudding..   I love bread pudding and it is so easy to make..
apple cheesecake bars...and

pork roast with apples and garlic...

and SURPRISE..SURPRISE..  I think I've gained 10 pounds...and I've still got more apples!

On to knitting...  I completed a project for Nerd Wars...We had to make a copy of a previous project but do something different with it....

I made another Rubylene Hat but with a different color..The colors match the colors of the ugly bridemaid's dresses described by the lead character - Jane Jamison in the book series "Nice Girls Don't"..

Many of you know I am completely obsessed with I'm having a wonderful day, in the lounger, watching men run into one another..!  I'm also crazy with the Martin/Incognito bullying story..



  1. Love the cover of the hat you did! I'm off to try out that website and especially that apple bread pudding. I love love love bread pudding, my Dad used to make it for us when we were small at the weekends and it brings such happy memories but I to have apples to use. I don't pick them as my Aunt has a yard full of apple trees and keeps me supplied this time of year.

  2. You've made some yummy looking stuff! And I love the colors on you cover hat!

  3. All those apple recipes look delicious. A coworker's FIL was an apple farmer and we used to get a bushel every year. I don't miss the desperate attempts to use up every last apple :)