Sunday, December 8, 2013

YOP Sunday...

 hmm..let's see..have been a bit busy since I last checked in with my YOP group on Ravelry..

Since then..  we demolished a turkey and all the sides on Thanksgiving... I'm still full!  My In-laws did everything, it was only 4 of us..and perfect.. 

 We celebrated a birthday..number 38..whoop!
and have had some devastatingly stunning sunsets..

This is the last month for Nerd Wars...I've got a few projects that cannot be shown until after xmas...but I've done a few since I last checked in...                                                                                                          

 A friend recruited a few of us to knit mushrooms..all sizes, all colors, and all shapes..

I was assigned  a triangle shaped mario mushroom..
This is a wonderful pattern for an oak leaf, I love that it is asymmetric, with rounded leaf points..

Two basic scarves..but using fun yarn..

a ribbon yarn..
  and one with loops....  both were frankly a PIA to work with...bit since it was plain stockinette stitch..they whipped up quick..

For one project, the challenge was to use/learn a knew skill....  I chose to seam my mitts with a mattress stitch...   which, well I'll need lots more practice to make it look nice and neat...

and finally..I've been making lots of vermin...

vermin with catnip... presents for the kitties under the tree...  well, of closet as they will get them too early.  Even in the closet they are constantly sniffing and trying to open the doors!

Nerd Wars will end on the 28th of this month...and a new tourney will start Feb 1st...(I think..err. must check!)..lots of ways to participate, lots of great knitters, lots of fun..



  1. I love your mushroom - that is something you don't get to say very often!! And the sunset is truly beautiful :-)

  2. I love Nerd Wars and I talk about it and recruit everywhere!!!! The people at work know all about it and none of them knit or crochet...

  3. Mattress stitch is awesome - it's quite magical how it disappears into the fabric :)

    I'm glad to hear that the loopy-stuff is a PIA. I saw it on sale yesterday and was SOOOOO tempted. There was a lovely blue/green colourway. Now I'm glad I decided against it :)

  4. That is a truly stunning sunset! And I'm sure it was even better seen "in person"

  5. I love seeing the Nerd Wars projects-- I admit to finding the process a little mystifying (I also have trouble wrapping my head around the HPCup), but I love the enthusiasm it generates!

  6. That Mushroom is so cute, great job! And I bet your kitties will be so happy with their vermin :)