Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sexiest Vampire Alive

Sexiest Vampire Alive
Kerrelyn Sparks
Love At Stake Series
Book 11

We are finally at Gregory's story.  Gregory was introduced in book one.  He is the modern, hip, bottle fed vampire.  He loves dancing and dating.  Quite a playboy who will sing "I'm to sexy for my cape" while trying to impress some lovely lady.  

The vampires have been exposed.  On youtube no less!  The battle royal in the last book was videotaped and uploaded to the internet as an act of revenge.  They have to find a way to make the public believe the video is nothing more than some prank by film students.  

Gregory is made the ambassador of the vampires and negotiates a deal with the president to work together to keep the vampires a myth while aiding the government in future ventures.  Gregory is thrown together with the first daughter for a trip to China and of course falls in love.

I hated book 10.  Still do. In this book Kerrelyn Sparks redeems herself. Slightly


Back to Life!

Radiation is over...  I'm back to my regular scheduled programming!


Monday, March 31, 2014

It's time..

I said I would be back in the spring to continue blogging..well, here I am!  Despite the snow that the blizzard left behind..it is spring..

I'll be trying to catch up with all my viral friends and blogging about all the excitement we have experienced during the last 8 weeks...I've been gifted lots of knitting tools to help me stay busy while hanging out in hospital waiting rooms..and I'll be giving away what I haven't used..

Sunday, April 6th will be my 1st blog post linking up with my Ravelry Blog Along group and I'll post more about the give away them...

In the meantime, have a look at the blizzard we had last Wednesday..
Not much snow...but hurricane force winds played havoc!  On Friday..it was almost 60 degrees...
Go figure..


Sunday, January 12, 2014

How should...

How should I feel...?

Griz has had severe lung disease for the past 5 years.  She has moderate dementia.  She has been a smoker for the past 70 years..so it is not a surprise that she was diagnosed with lung cancer last week...

We are waiting for the cell type/biopsy results to return before a prognosis can be given..but hell, lung cancer for the most part is fatal...  and...

I feel nothing.  No shock, anger, denial....everyday seems just like the day before..

If anything I feel guilty cuz shouldn't I be feeling something?  Sadness?  Outrage?  I've been her primary caregiver for 10+ years...  perhaps I've steeled myself, knowing this was inevitable, a protective measure. It's strange to be writing down little notes to remember for her eulogy and be so calm about it... Somewhere along the line our relationship has become nurse/patient..  not mother/daughter..

Feeling (or lack of feeling) has it's benefits..  I am able to deliver the care she needs without being over emotional...this keeps her calmer..

I suppose my attitude will change..just not sure how..

In other news...my knitting has been very scattered..I finished up Nerd Wars and will be participating in the next tourney...  I bring knitting with me to every doctors appt..but  it never results in a finished project...just something to keep my hands busy while waiting...

I don't know how I missed the ravelry cowl group....but I've now joined as cowls have been my favorite knitting project..   My January cowl is Sweet Memories Cowl.

finally, we had a huge snowstorm...


Sunday, December 8, 2013

YOP Sunday...

 hmm..let's see..have been a bit busy since I last checked in with my YOP group on Ravelry..

Since then..  we demolished a turkey and all the sides on Thanksgiving... I'm still full!  My In-laws did everything, it was only 4 of us..and perfect.. 

 We celebrated a birthday..number 38..whoop!
and have had some devastatingly stunning sunsets..

This is the last month for Nerd Wars...I've got a few projects that cannot be shown until after xmas...but I've done a few since I last checked in...                                                                                                          

 A friend recruited a few of us to knit mushrooms..all sizes, all colors, and all shapes..

I was assigned  a triangle shaped mario mushroom..
This is a wonderful pattern for an oak leaf, I love that it is asymmetric, with rounded leaf points..

Two basic scarves..but using fun yarn..

a ribbon yarn..
  and one with loops....  both were frankly a PIA to work with...bit since it was plain stockinette stitch..they whipped up quick..

For one project, the challenge was to use/learn a knew skill....  I chose to seam my mitts with a mattress stitch...   which, well I'll need lots more practice to make it look nice and neat...

and finally..I've been making lots of vermin...

vermin with catnip... presents for the kitties under the tree...  well, actually..top of closet as they will get them too early.  Even in the closet they are constantly sniffing and trying to open the doors!

Nerd Wars will end on the 28th of this month...and a new tourney will start Feb 1st...(I think..err. must check!)..lots of ways to participate, lots of great knitters, lots of fun..


Sunday, November 24, 2013

YOP Sunday..

On Wednesday, this was my windshield..

Frozen and snowy...

by Friday..it was 61 degree's and I was in a Tshirt....

today..  more snow...

I've had a knitting disaster..

It's very pretty to this point isn't it?....It's a neat lace pattern..16 stitch repeat..few change ups..not real difficult...but..upon further review..
the part that is folded over..that pattern doesn't match the rest..it is about 5 stitches off...nothing fixable as that is over a foot of knitting the WRONG pattern...

It's now gone..the whole project...

hard to talk about...did I tell you about the weather...?


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fish Kill

Probably from larger (bass and blues) chasing them into shallow water..