Year of Projects

I've decided to join a year of projects group. The Come Blog a-long goup is  way to commit to differrent projects for a year and a way to visit members blogs.  I'm a little late at this but here is my list of projects:   (all these projects and patterns can be found in my ravelry library).  I have purposely left these categories non-specific as I never know...well, you know, a year is a long time!

 I want to make a great purse..
A table set:

A wreathe for every season:

A dozen egg cozies:
Learn dpn's:
Learn the magic loop:

Swatches (I'm lousy at checking gauge, this is a way of making me do it!)

This list is a bit simple for many experienced crafters.  But I'm a beginner and I suspect these will be quite a challenge for me, especially during a lupus flare!

Follow along..should be fun..err..funny!


  1. Welcome to the group and I hope you enjoy the yop, it really is a great way to get your goals achieved and its not about failing but about encouragement. I think you've a great list there and I'm so looking forward to seeing those wreaths for each season. You've left each topic open to choosing your pattern and thats good to as tastes change over the year, or so I found last year, all in all great list and welcome aboard.

  2. I like the variety of your list. I think the wreath idea is a great idea as is the table set :) I'm looking forward to seeing all these projects come together as the year goes on. That purse is in my Rav queue, I should really do it. I have everything for it I just haven't given that project the time of day :-P. Good luck!

  3. awesome! welcome! i look forward to trying magic loop myself!

  4. These seem like great projects! It is wonderful to see some more crocheters joining in this year. Welcome!

  5. Hi there! Love your Rottweiler (I've got one too....Serenity..Nitty for short) and this is my first time joining the YOP too plus I'm pretty novice too! I like the way you didn't commit yourself to a specific pattern yet just know what you want to make. Good thinking! I like the swatches too. I've never done them and that's a super idea. I also have a few auto-immune diseases so we really have a lot in common....wish it wasn't those though! LOL! What a beautiful place where you live! I look forward to seeing your projects as they take shape and getting to know you better! Have a great YOP!

  6. That looks like a pretty good list to me and welcome to the group. That purse on the top of your list looks absolutely awesome - love the rich colour and the style looks great. xoxox